Saturday, June 20, 2015

Totally Tickled!

http://www.maryjanesfarm.orgSeveral years ago I had a magazine sample show up in my mailbox and I fell in love with it.  I poured over the outfits, recipes, ideas, family things to do together all the make do kind of knowledge every woman should have and decided I wanted to know more.  So I joined for free to start and found my way about the fun site with lots of helpers and posted solutions to many of my questions.  Women were sharing their favorite recipes and tips on how to make things.  I was blown over by how nice they all were. As I progressed I felt I wanted to be a farmgirl sister who would help others through her good works.  So I joined the sisterhood, ordered the magazine and one of the books and have never looked back.  I've come to love seeing how all the talented ladies solve their problems and how they step up to the plate when a sister or family member is under the weather and needs some help  Sisters always come through to help with amazing ideas, suggestions and if close enough right to your front door to brighten your day with a nice warm pie and some flowers.

Mary Jane built up her 5 acres and have turned them into a place where women can come glamping, harvest fresh organic crops, have a spa day and a day to just have fun with other sisters.It's all about socializing with fellow sisters and having a good time.

Today I'm happy because I was just notified I have earned my expert blogger merit badge, as well as my beginner and intermediate badge for crochet.  I want to earn the expert badge too if I can 5 people who would be willing to learn.  I will now have to find 5 women who show true interest in learning so I can get that badge conquered too.  Whoooppieeeee!

P. S. Once you're a sister at MJF and you have a blog you can get that lined up to go so your fellow sisters can see your projects.  Fun times :)

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