Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Basket Weave Baby Blanket

The latest of my baby blanket projects is for a mommy due in August.  Obviously, she and her hubby are having a baby boy.  I was surfing youtube and found this wonderful basket weave pattern.  A bit more of a challenge for me, being what I still consider a novice crocheter, but after a couple tries I got the hang of it and it's actually much easier than it looks.  It's done in multiples of 8 stitches with 4 stitches showing as more pronounced and then 4 appearing more receded. The youtube tutorial was from and I've come to really enjoy watching and following on Facebook @  I added a simple single crochet border around the edge of the blanket when I was done to give it a finished look.  Overall, I'm quite pleased with how it turned out and when hubby saw it he said, "you outdid yourself this time," which made me feel like a million bucks.

If you want to try this pattern for yourself please check out the linked sites about and have fun!

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