Sunday, May 17, 2015

Babies Galore :)

It would seem that babies are being born in rapid succession in my neck of the woods.  A young couple from our neighborhood had a beautiful baby girl while I was recovering from my ankle fracture and I'd not gotten their baby's gift made so I've had a few busy days whipping up a stroller blanket, sandals and sunbonnet. There are so many pretty patterns on the net and I've finally gotten to the point I can follow easier crochet patterns but haven't yet mastered reading diagrams.  The sunbonnet was a bit of a combo of some nice patterns I looked at but found some of the instructions a bit confusing so I winged it. I am hoping it will fit and not be a total embarrassment exhibiting my meager abilities.  I still have baby gifts to make for four more mothers-to-be and my current WIP (work in progress) is a blue blanket using the basketweave pattern.  Right now it's in the early stages and so I am not totally confident that will be my final design choice.  I do find it fun trying new patterns and giving myself a bit of a challenge to further my learning since I am a self taught crocheter.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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