Friday, August 15, 2014

Now on and Pinterest!

Hi everyone,

It's been a busy few months in my life and sadly, I've not kept up my posts the way I should.  As we head into late Summer I'll try to get better at doing so.  I was tickled to see an invitation to be a member on a food bloggers site.  I hope you'll check it out and look for my various recipes for beef stew, cappuccinos and other goodies.  As always you can still find them here on my blog or if you're following the link to my blog, welcome and I hope you find something yummy to cook.  You might even find a craft or two you might like to try.  Feel free!  Thank you Michael for the invite!

Another thing you may notice is my link button to Pinterest.  Pinterest is a site where people can follow each other and pin various things that interest them to boards to share with others.  It's a great community and one I seem to thrive in.  Please check out my boards and I'd love to have you follow me.  I currently have over 5,800 followers and some 12,000 plus pins on 113 boards with topics ranging from food, crafts, crochet, embroidery, cross stitch, knitting, art, birdhouses, fun things to do with the grandkids and a gazillion more topics.  A multitude of sins LOL.  

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