Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Okay, so I know Halloween is not for a couple months yet, but it's not too soon to begin planning your strategy for your Halloween decorating.  I recently saw some clever and easy ideas for decorating your pumpkins that doesn't include the cutting or mess. So I decided to share how to do this and some free printables you can use for your own projects when the time comes to add a bit of ghoulish glee to your home.  To save these images right click on them and choose open in a new window then right click on full size image and save to your computer.  These are PNG images so they can be printed on any color tissue paper.
 Here's how to complete your project :

1. Clean off the outside of your pumpkin with soap/water.  Let dry.
2. If you're not changing the color of your pumpkin you can proceed with printing off the images of your choice.  To do this cut a piece of tissue paper in a color that matches your pumpkin slightly larger than a piece of cardstock.  So roughly cut the tissue paper 9.5 x 12 inches in size and fold over around your card stock.  Secure tissue paper to cardstock with tape.  Insert into your printer tissue side up or whatever the instructions are for your particular printer.  Choose your image to print out and print.
3.  Gently remove printed tissue paper from card stock. Cut out each image separately.  Don't cut super close to the image.  Give yourself a 1/4 inch if possible.
4.  Apply a coat of outdoor Mod Podge to your pumpkin.  Carefully lay your cut tissue paper image over the Mod Podge.  Press out air bubbles and smooth with your fingers gently so as not to tear your tissue paper image.  Apply a top coat of Mod Podge over the image.  Let dry.  You may apply another coat if desired for better wear. You may overlap images and create your own "picture" on your pumpkin.  If you're using gourds or pumpkins that are different colors or you've painted the outside of your pumpkin with acrylic paints make sure the paint is dry before attempting this craft.  Also use tissue paper that most closely matches the color of your gourd or pumpkin to get the best results.    I have not put a copyright notice on these images as I found them all around the net and created my own brushes from them.  Having said that they are copyrighted none the less once they are posted here.  Please do not post them in other places as your work or attempt to sell them.  They are for your personal use and fun only.   They may be shared on Facebook and Pinterest.  Thanks so much and enjoy!

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