Friday, August 29, 2014

Baby Afghan

 Recently our former neighbors had a new baby girl.  They were planning on coming back to our town to visit family and show off their little darling.  I wanted to give them something handcrafted but not exactly like other gifts they might receive.  So I made them a car seat/stroller blanket.  What makes this different?  The size. It is smaller in size than a crib blanket or toddler blanket so it will tuck in without the bulk that larger blankets would have. It's also not as long so it won't drag and get tangled up in mom or dad's legs when they're trying to carry the car seat into the house.  The same thing when using with a stroller it's not going to drape out and possibly get tangled in the wheels. The perk to making a car seat/stroller blanket is that it also is time helpful since it whips up fast.   I didn't have much notice from the time I found out the baby was born until when I heard they were coming for a visit.  If you'd like to make a similar blanket figure on a size of about 24 inches wide x 30 inches long.  Adjust the size as you see fit.  It will take around 1000 yards or 1 1/2 skeins of yarn to complete. You can choose one color or work in multiple colors.  The stitch I used is called the blanket stitch or sometimes referred to as the bobble or popcorn stitch.  I followed the pattern of a lady who has an online crochet site.  Here is the link to her instructions.  I hope your blanket turns out as well as mine did.  This was a first time pattern for me and I thoroughly enjoyed how easily it worked up.  I'm a newbie crocheter so don't be afraid to try this pattern.  It's fun!

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