Sunday, January 19, 2014

January 2014

Gosh, I totally let the holidays slip by without a post.  To recap it was a hectic, fun, crazy time.  I participated in my first ever organized walk.  I did the Festival Foods Turkey Trot 2 mile walk on Thanksgiving day in my hometown. Upon completion I walked another mile home.  Then I collapsed. LOL.  Just kidding.  My youngest son and daughter in law hosted Thanksgiving so I baked a couple pumpkin cheesecakes when I got home from the walk to take to their home that evening.  Dinner was delicious and I didn't even feel bad when I had dessert.
Christmas shopping I actually went out and completed in one crazy afternoon.  Thankfully, I didn't do any shopping at Target.  Thinking a lot of other people wish they hadn't either. We had to stagger our family get togethers and finished our last one the weekend after New Years.  Since things were a bit crazy I had thought about skipping dragging out the tree and decorating this year but found I needed the glitter and shine. It's just not Christmas without a tree and twinkling lights. When I was finished I just felt nothing but sheer happiness. Funny how certain traditions pull at your heart strings.
My grandson was with his mom for Christmas so I didn't see him until after Christmas when I babysat him.  The original plan was that he'd open his gifts in the afternoon when his dad came to pick him up after work.  My son said, "mom, you know that is never going to happen".  He was right.  The minute the little man spied the Christmas presents it was game over.  He delighted in telling everyone at our final gathering that ALL the presents were for him.  I think he was a happy camper.
New Years Eve was quietly spent at home as my DH worked both New Years Eve day and New Years Day.  I'm a bit past the "got to be out" group anyway so I didn't mind.
The most recent gathering attended was last evening for a neighbor man's birthday party.  His wife thew him a champagne and cheesecake party and both hubby and myself felt like we'd been given the gift just by attending. Several neighbors we know were there as well as other friends of the couple.  Good food and great conversation.  A very enjoyable evening. 
The only downside to our January so far has been some major plumbing issues that happened just before New Years.  I'll skip the nasty details but suffice it to say it was costly and we ended up with cement dust filling our home when the plumbers needed to cut into our basement floor to replace century old cast iron sewer pipes.  Very messy and we're still cleaning cement dust and probably will be for months to come.  The plus side of that is no more problems.  And how is your January going?

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