Sunday, June 23, 2013

New way to diagnose and possibly treat Fibromyalgia and also some Ayurvedic poses to lessen pain

I don't talk much about Fibromyalgia here on my blog as I'd prefer it to be a place of inspirational crafts, recipes and sharing of good times.  However; recently there have been a couple of new developments in the diagnosis and hopefully treatment of this very painful and disabling condition. I'd like to share the links here with you in the hope it will help to inform you, friends, family, co-workers and others in your life.  Knowledge is power and those of us with Fibro need all the power/help we can get.  Please feel free to share the information I'll post here today.  Thanks!

The first link I'd like to share is:  This story tells of how biopsies done on the hands of female Fibro sufferers revealed an astonishing discovery. Read on to see what they found.

The second link shows that we've not been forgotten by American Medical research.  This trial is to be completed in June of 2014.  See what they're studying.

The third link shows firm evidence of a brain study published in the Journal of American College of Rheumatology :   I've also read of a similar study done in France.  Show this to your skeptics who would prefer to believe Fibro is "all in your head".  Hmmm, in a sense they might be right LOL.

Recently I contacted Himanshu Kapoor a practicing yogi who has an online site you may contact and ask questions regarding various poses and information about Yoga.  I specifically asked him questions regarding Fibromyalgia and helpful poses to use.  He was very informative and the two hand poses he recommends for Fibro seem very consistent with some of the information contained in the first link I posted.  He also mentions certain dietary restrictions regarding how food is prepared and when certain foods should not be eaten as well as 2 other poses besides the hand poses.  Read his response to me (Tapestry2) here:

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