Saturday, June 15, 2013

Google Chrome Themes

As many of you may know you can create and use themes on Google Chrome Browser.  If you're not especially artsy I thought I'd share a few of mine.  They're free for your own personal use on Chrome.  This first theme is called Butterflies and Birds and the url for it is listed below.    To use these themes you can either search for them by name or url as I have posted them for sharing at the Chrome theme site.  They all come with the tabbed headings added on just as your normal browser page looks.  Hard to show completely so I've just posted the main image here but rest assured they all have tabs.
I think you can probably also go to create your theme and copy/paste my code into that area and it should load it.
Next up is A Rose is a Rose and the url for it is:
After that we have Sweet Pea Fairies and the url is:
  I am not positive if you will get the animated sparkle effect when using this image as your background theme.  Honestly I don't think you will.  
Ghosts of Long Ago is the next theme and the url is:

 BirdLace is up next and the url for that tabbed background is:
TIME is the next theme available and the url for it is: 
DREAM is the next tiled theme available and the URL for it is: 

And last, but not least is The Crown and the Crow.  The url for that theme is:

I hope you'll enjoy using my themes on your Chrome browser and have fun trying your hand at making your own.  Have a super weekend everyone!

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