Monday, May 6, 2013

My Beautiful Isis

About seven years ago on my birthday my DH and I went to our local humane society animal shelter as my hubby had promised me a furry present.  We had adopted a tortoise shell female cat several months before but our tortie, Missy, wasn't known for her loving personality.  She was more well known for nipping both of us if we petted her and she wasn't in the mood for it.  We loved her and she adored my husband but still she just wasn't the little cuddlebug I wanted.  My eyes were immediately drawn to a scrawny pitiful looking Himalayan female named, "Sasha".  I was told she'd been a stray and was just cleared for adoption that day. Perfect! I thought she must be meant for me.  "This one," I said to my husband and asked the assistant if we could visit with her.  Off to the visiting room the three of us went.  My husband looking rather off put by the scraggly mess of fur. I was enchanted with her beautiful blue eyes and demeanor.  The massive amounts of cat hair she was getting all over my black jeans was of no concern to me.  Hugging her to me I looked at my hubby and asked, "please?"  "Do you see the hair all over you," he asked?  "I know, but it's only because she's been lost and had a poor diet.  Once we get her home and fatten her up and give her a proper grooming she'll stop shedding so much.  Pleaseeeeeeeeeee," I begged.  Resigned, but always encouraging of my love of animals, my hubby relented and off to fill out adoption papers we went.  A few days later our new girl was home with us.  She was everything I hoped she'd be.  Gentle, affectionate and best of all a big cuddle bug.  The name, Sasha, didn't suit however; as she totally ignored it.  So I sat down at my computer my new best friend in my lap and began trying out cat names from a few sites.  I was ignored until I said, "Isis," and immediately had a very happy kitty nuzzling my face and pawing at my chest.  From that day forward she was Isis and responded promptly to that name.  Perhaps that had been her name in her previous home or maybe she picked it because it sounded so elegant.  It fit her to a tee.  She loved being groomed and would lick her paws and wash her face whenever I brushed her.  She was long and elegant.  My grandson, Jak, loved her.  She would tolerate his sloppy kisses and childish hugs with patience and grace. He was about 2 in this picture with her.  This past month Isis seemed to slow down.  She began staying in the basement most of the day.  After not seeing her several days ago I went down looking for her and she woke and came upstairs with me immediately but I noticed she seemed to be losing weight.  I switched
her cat food thinking perhaps she was having dental issues and I started brushing her teeth.  I decided to quarantine her in my craft room so I could check and make sure she was toileting as she should.  She seemed to be going okay but suddenly she got very lethargic and I knew she was very ill.  I phoned my vet and was able to get an appointment the next day.  She got so much worse that night I prayed she'd make it to the vet.  My worst fears were confirmed.  My dear sweet Isis was very ill with an autoimmune disorder and I had a very hard decision to make.  With a very heavy heart and many tears I said goodbye to my sweet baby on May 3rd.  My vet assured me there was nothing I could have done to prevent this disease.  Seven years just wasn't enough.  Rest in peace sweet baby girl.

Missy, Isis and our deaf kitty, Crier, who was born and raised on my parent's acreage.  Pictures taken in 2011.

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