Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy Wedding Day for my son and his new bride

Their first kiss as man and wife
Congratulations to my son, Chris, and his lovely new wife, Kay on their wedding May 11, 2013.  Their union was celebrated in the open air pavilion at a local park. It's a lovely old building with arches all around and would have been perfect had the weather cooperated.  If it had been two days before or after the 11th they'd have had temperatures in the 70's.  Unfortunately, the day of the wedding the highs were only in the 40's with wind gusts to 35mph.  They tarped some of the arches to act as a wind break but alas, the cold winds were bitter.  It seemed we were to have 4 seasons all in that one day as we had rain, sleet, a few snow flakes, rain again, sunshine and then more rain. Many people left immediately following the ceremony and ran home to change into warmer clothing but we in Wisconsin are a tough bunch and everyone returned to celebrate the nuptials.
Me, Chris and Chris' dad, David
Kay and her dad, Gary
The Dj played a combination of classic rock, old standards and lots of great party tunes.  Everyone danced and fueled up on wine,beer and great food to keep warm.  Laughter and tears flowed like the rain outside during and after the ceremony.  The ceremony was beautiful with a radiant bride and handsome groom.  Toasts were made and good wishes given.
Linday, Holly, Daniel, Kay and Chris
Me giving a tearful, but oh so happy, little speech while best man, Sean , looks on.
The following morning Kay's mom, Jan, and I were treated to a wonderful Mother's day brunch at a local hotel where the kids had booked a room so they could be here with us and other family members before heading off to Jamaica for their honeymoon.  How sweet was that?

 Later that Mother's day as I sat mindfully revisiting all that had happened in the past 24 hours I felt both a great deal of happiness at acquiring a new daughter in law and also a bit of sadness. My youngest son was now a full fledged grown up man.  No longer my little boy but a husband as he so poignantly told me following the ceremony.  I felt all the blessings and all the sorrows of a mother whose last chick has now flown the nest.  I hope with all of my heart that my son and his new bride have a long and happy marriage.

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