Thursday, May 23, 2013

Garden Pics with a sweet little something added.

 This afternoon I was outside with my dog and happened to glance over at my small raised bed garden.  Ohhh pretty, I thought, seeing the little bird statues sitting in front of the trellis.  Thinking my DH had popped in our quail statues I was pleasantly surprised when one of them blinked LOL.  I realized rather quickly these were a sweet little pair of mourning doves having a rest in the warm damp garden soil.
They show up a bit clearer in this picture>>

Then I had to check on my wash tub planter in our front yard which contains :Dracaena spike, a pansy, snap dragons and some vinca vine.

Another planter on our front porch filled with more snap dragons and some asparagus fern.
Here is my face pot I bought a few years ago at the ceramic shop at the Iowa Veterans Home in Marshalltown, Iowa.  Whenever I go back home for a visit I try to stop in as they have some of the loveliest ceramics, rag rugs and various other items in their gift shop all created by the veterans who live there.  The prices are unbeatable and the residents make a little money so it's a great cause.  If you're ever in the area the IVH is located at 1301 Summit Street in Marshalltown.  The grounds and gardens are lovely so it's pleasant just to look around.  Stop in at the canteen and have an ice cream cone.

I'm also happy to see my hostas made it through the long hot summer we had last year and are growing beautifully. 
And last but not least is a couple of pictures of a pillow cover that I made for my youngest son and his new wife.  There are two more covers to go that will feature pictures of their engagement and wedding.  I'll post them when I finally get them made. This is an envelope style case with button closure.  Sorry no pattern.  I just tend to wing it.  Sometimes that's a good thing and sometimes not so good LOL.  The best part of this pillow is the cost.  So far it's been basically zero as the fabric is a painter's cloth I bought at WalMart for less than $10 and I will get three pillows and tons more stuff out of it so when it's all said and done these three pillows will cost me pennies.  I had the ribbon and buttons already.  The only thing else I've had to buy is the transfer paper I use to iron on the images and since there is more than 3 sheets in a pkg the total cost for these pillows will run around let's say two dollars and I think that is pushing it.  Overall a very inexpensive gift buttoned up with love.

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