Friday, April 26, 2013

For my future daughter in law, Kay :)

On May 11, 2013 my youngest son, Christopher, will marry his sweetheart, Kay and start their lives together as man and wife.  Kay has chosen her wedding gown, had all her fittings but there was one thing that needed changed.  The lace corset belt was white and she wanted it black to go with their black and white theme. Unable to get one through the bridal shop she attempted to make her own and when she began to pull her hair out I got a phone call.  Could I make her a black satin corset belt?  Sureeeee I said.  No problem I said.   I've got a great sewing machine. This will be a breeze.  Naive I was LOL.  Having never worked with satin before I was in for a surprise. Working with satin can be a bit like fighting a spider web.
I learned rather quickly you NEVER tear satin to make the edges straight.  It unravels like crazy.  See above image LOL.  Did I mention how long this belt needed to be?  One hundred sixty three inches long.  It measured 5/8 of an inch wide.  Have you ever tried to turn something that long inside out so you can have a seam free solid tube of belt?  Not doable.  I tried a trick using a thin strip of ribbon sewn to the one end seam to use as a puller that was supposed to drag it inside out.  No way Jose.  Didn't work.  I tried sewing it half way and turning by the half.  Still not doable.  Final solution turned out to be just sew the thing flat and stop fretting over a tiny little stitch seam.  I'm rather pleased with the final product.  I hope dear sweet Kay will be too. :)  I am so lucky she's going to be my daughter in law.
Have a glorious weekend.  It's supposed to be lovely here in Northeastern Wisconsin.  I hope it will be lovely wherever you are.

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