Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Rose By Any Other Name.......

Earlier this month I celebrated a birthday and received some pretty spring flowers from hubby. I didn't really intentionally dry them standing up but that is what happened.  When I went to pitch them out here were these three beautiful dried roses among the other wilted flowers.  So I trimmed the stems and created a small vignette with my antique medicine bottles beneath a large mirror in our dining room.  They dried so nicely they look like a paper rose complete with what looks like embossing on the petals.  To me they're so lovely I couldn't bear to toss them out.

Feel free to right click and save image if you'd like to use for wallpaper on your computer.  They're free and come complete with dust around the shoulders of the antique bottles.....LOL   Think I should have dusted them off before I took this picture.  Oh well, makes them look more authentic...yeah that's it....authentic LOL.

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