Thursday, March 14, 2013

Grandma's little helper

I have the blessing of having my 3 and a half year old grandson two days a week as his old sitter decided to go back to regular work.  On this particular day he was grandma's little helper again, wanting to do the vacuuming.  I have mostly hard wood flooring with large rugs down so use the little stick vac for daily clean ups and so he was able help grandma.  It's so much fun seeing this little man do chores because he is, " a big boy grandma!"  He is very determined that he can help and I reap the benefits.  Did I mention I love this big boy to pieces?        There is a beggar in our house who doesn't do the vacuuming.  But he sure likes to get rewards.  Here he is begging for scraps from daddy. And also giving me his "evil eye" in hopes I'll cave in and give him something too.  I wonder who taught him these naughty tricks? I think it's time to sit like regular people at the dining room table for meals.  This eating while watching tv is a bad bad thing for people as well as little beggars named Dickens.  :)

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