Saturday, December 15, 2012

So Much Sorrow

As everyone knows yesterday was a tragic day for this nation. Most specifically Newtown, CT. where a lone gunman entered the Sandy Hook Elementary school and opened fire killing 20 children and 7 adults before taking his own life. This kind of horror has become way too frequent in our society.  There is constant debate each time this happens over gun control. Something that also becomes sadly apparent is that in many, if not all, of these shootings the shooter was mentally unstable and yet in possession of a weapon that can kill in mass numbers.  I am now choosing to call these weapons of mass destruction versus a gun.  I wish people would stop seeing this as a political issue and begin seeing it as a social issue. Take the politics out of tragedy. Ban weapons that have no place in hunting or self protection.  They say guns don't kill, people do and that is true to a point.  That statement to me is a cop out.  It's an excuse to keep making available a weapon that has no use other than kill in large numbers.  What hunter do you know who kills dozens of animals at once?  What target shooter do you know that shoots dozens of targets simultaneously? What citizen protecting his home would expect to have to kill dozens of intruders intent on harming him/her? We need to focus on better gun education, screening and teaching of respecting life.  To this end I've started a page on Facebook called A SAFER PLACE.  Please feel free to post your respectful thoughts. God Bless the families and victims of Sandy Hook.  You're in the hearts of the entire world and we wish you God's peace in this very emotionally difficult time.  Bless you.

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