Friday, October 5, 2012

Life & Happiness in Pictures

Some recent events of late Summer and now Autumn.  A few weeks ago I got to babysit my 3 yr old grandson, Jaxzen.  He's gotten to be quite the young man wanting to help grandma with the dishes.

^^Notice the tippy toes? LOL Grandma's kitchen is in dire need of an updating and while the living room and dining room got the treatment this summer the budget ran out and so did Grandma and Grandpa's energy so the kitchen update is going to have to wait awhile.
<<---Doing dishes is hard work so afterwards it required a nap.  Tee shirt needed a drying so Jak napped while it dried.

Yesterday while I was out having the most wonderful pedicure/manicure with my future daughter-in-law, Kay, my husband, aka darling Den, wanted to be helpful and give our Shorkie, Dickens, a bath and then a bit of a trim.  I've been letting Dickens coat grow out after all his summer short hair cuts so he is a bit raggedy looking but something happened during that little trim.  Dickens moved.  The trimmers moved with him and he now has half his fluffy top knot shaved off.  I think darling Den now has a much better idea why it takes me sooooo long to give Dickens his hair cuts LOL.  He is one little dog in constant motion and the clippers are NOT his friend LOL.

I also recently heard from the owner of Dicken's mommy, Brooke, a Yorkie, that she was hit by a car and died which makes me so sad for her family.  I know how much Den and I adore Dickens.  We would both be devastated if something happened to him. Pets give such unconditional love and happiness to us, their humans. Bless their adorable hearts and RIP little Brooke. 

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  1. Great post on the kids, pets and of course your fab manicure! Sorry to hear of the loss of the dog! (Sad) I'm sure you so deserved the lovely manicure! xo's Pam