Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New & Improved?? I think NOT!

On this evenings World News with Diane Sawyer they featured a story about what it really means when a company says their product is, "NEW & IMPROVED".  The story featured a young boy who started noticing differences on product containers.  The "old and unimproved" products frequently had more product.  Maxwell House Coffee was one such product.  Their container says New & Improved.  What improved?  Their profit margin.  Where the old and unimproved product made 270 cups of coffee now you will get 240 cups of coffee for the same price.  Oh yeah,  I can see the improvement can't you?  LOL  Maxwell House isn't the only culprit using this ploy.  Several well known brand names are doing this to consumers.  What can you do to fight back?  Pay attention to packaging sizes and cost.  Look out for the push for the "NEW & IMPROVED" stamps on products.  The youngster doing the study found that many times the improved version was a smaller size for the same price.  There is no legal definition for the "new and improved" stamp so manufacturers can use these words with no fear of prosecution for illegal product description.  Bottom line folks.  Shop smart.  Pay attention and do what you can to protect your bank account from greedy manufacturers.  Go to ABC.com and Click on World News Tonight to view this evenings news for a more complete list of brands perpetrating this deceptive practice.

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