Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Some pics of my summer

We have been doing some redecorating at my house and this is a marble top table I purchased at Milo Milo, a local home interiors shop.  Loved the bird house so couldn't pass it up either.  Our living room walls are now a warm golden yellow that feels both warm and cool at the same time. The curtains are ombre in shades of golds, rusts, and browns.  I think decorating for Autumn will be a ton of fun as it will go from a summer look to fall in a flash. 

The son of a gal my hubby works with jumps his motorcycle for motocross and we headed out to watch and enjoy the farm where the show was held. Lots of animals for kids of all ages to see and enjoy. It was a fun day with cool drinks and friends.
This little guy, Gabe, has been my next door neighbor for every day of his young life until a job change for his EMT firefighter dad forced a relocation for his family.  We miss you Gabe, Jill, Tyler and Steve!  We're lucky that our new neighbors are also nice people.  Having good neighbors is always a gift.

This little sweetie is my grandson, Jaxzen.  After a hard day of playing and watching a movie with grandma he crashed on my couch awaiting his daddy's return from Bible study.  His hair is shaved as he gave himself a hair cut a few days before this picture was taken.  If you've ever had kids you know how this happens LOL.
I finished a card and envelope this evening for a dear friend of my husband who is dealing with cancer.  When my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer his friend, Tony, was there to offer his support to both my hubby and myself and we're forever grateful.  Now he's been diagnosed and it's our turn to return the favor and prayers.  God Bless you Tony!

How's your summer going besides hot and dry? I hope it's wonderful :)

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  1. I'm finally getting around to checking out your blog. What a surprise to see Gabe on it. We miss you and Dennis and Dickens too! ~Jill