Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's been awhile since I've blogged but summer has been taking center stage for outdoor activities and less time spent on the computer.  Today though I have to share an app I downloaded to Chrome from their web app store that I've had a great deal of fun  playing on today.  It's too hot here in Northeastern Wisconsin to be outside today. Ninety nine with dew point in the 70's isn't my idea of a good time. LOL  The app is called InspirARTion and it's a paint program.  Whatever you can imagine you can create.  The brushes aren't the run of the mill straight line brushes.  There are feathery looking brushes and swoopy brushes and it's a "hoot" so to speak to learn how to move them to create images.  
I'm no Dali but I've had a blast. It's actually made my heart "flutter" seeing what I can create  So if you're a budding artist or an accomplished one this program is free and lots of fun.  To get your own copy first download CHROME  as your browser and then go to their web app store to get your own copy.  HAVE FUN!

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