Wednesday, April 25, 2012


 Here's hoping my sister, Sue, doesn't look at this site before she gets her package...LOL.  It is supposed to arrive at her house today but you know how the post office works.  This handbag I made for her using a pizza box lid for a pattern.  The rest was just thinking about what I wanted it to look like and figuring out how to achieve the look.  I'm a slow seamstress and must say I did have to do a bit of ripping out on a couple places that didn't go together quite like I wanted but overall I'm pleased with how it turned out and I hope she'll like it.The large tree on the front and surrounding images were printed onto fabric using my printer.  Easiest way to do this is to design your image, adhere the image to an 8.5x11.00 sheet of card stock using spray craft adhesive then trim the fabric down to fit so you have no bulky overlapping pieces of fabric.  It was really fun to create my sis' "coat of arms" so to speak and makes the handbag more personal to her.  Definitely one of a kind.  Working on this project taught me a couple of things. Be patient.  Take your time and use a Brother 400Sewing and Embroidery machine.  I LOVE MINE!!!!!!  I can't begin to tell you how smooth this machine sews over several layers of fabric.  

Got a bit too close on this closeup of a covered button I made for the strap.
The bag is lined with Osnasburg fabric and has 2 pockets.   One of these days maybe I'll have to make myself one :)  Happy Birthday Ol' Gal!     :)

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  1. Looks nice! I'm sure your sister will love it.