Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pinners BEWARE

After recently seeing a pin regarding copyright infringement and trademark violations as well as some slippery terms of service on the Pinterest site I've decided to take some steps to try and help myself and others to remember that not everything on the net is ours to "Pin".  Tonight I found an image I had repinned from a fellow pinner and sure enough when I tracked it down the site was copyrighted and she didn't want images of her art/crafts being shown all over the net.  Yet here we were doing just what she didn't want.  I felt badly and immediately removed it.  I alerted another pinner to the fact that she'd done the same thing and so decided to make a reminder Pin to go on my boards about this hot issue.  So much has been brought up about this recently due to the SOPA and PIPA legislation that has been tabled for now but deals with just this issue.  Pinterest isn't the only site which has written laws in their terms of service to protect themselves against possible lawsuits placing all blame on the members.  Other sites have done this as well so it is very important as consumers of these sites that we become more knowledgeable about what that fine print in those terms of service really say.  We need to get smarter I guess folks so we don't get thrown to the wolves or the courts.  Take care and pin smart!

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