Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Beating Cancer

I know you've seen this pic of my handsome hubby before but this time look closely and you will see a man who was diagnosed 2 yrs ago with prostate cancer.  This same man put off treatment because at the time of his diagnosis my mother was dying of ovarian cancer.  Even after mom passed he put it off out of fear of what it might cost us financially if his insurance from Canada didn't cover well.  Finally late last summer he got bronchitis and I finally yelled at him to get his butt to the dr. and pronto.  Thankfully while there seeing a PA she forced the cancer issue and scheduled him to see an oncologist.  I was soooooo grateful she put her foot down as I'd been getting nowhere trying to get him to see someone.  So he went and began a series of 43 radiation treatments that made him feel horrible.  He was wiped out, nauseated at times and up to the bathroom constantly allowing him little rest as he continued to work throughout these Monday through Friday treatments.  Finally as his treatment was winding down he took a couple weeks off as he just couldn't go anymore.  Once those 2 weeks were up he was back at it.  Fast forward to March 21, 2012.  We went to see his oncologist for his post radiation checkup assessment and got the news we'd waited so long to hear.  As of that day they consider my DH cancer free.  CANCER FREE!!!  Thank you Jesus!!!!!  Prayers have been answered and each day I think it sinks in a bit more for him as to what this means.  He must return every 6 months for the next 5 yrs. for blood work to make sure the C word hasn't sneaked back but for now we'll relish this time and thank all of our family and friends who kept us in their thoughts and prayers this past couple of years.  Have a wonderful week!

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