Sunday, February 26, 2012

New Card and Angel Necklaces

Today found me in my craft room working on a belated birthday card for a friend. I absolutely love the new papers I just got as they're full of beautiful florals. The clock face I printed from a wonderful site called Friendlyscrap blog. Lots of wonderful freebie printables for your own use there.  The clock hands are by Tim Holtz.  Love his jewelry and scrapbooking items!  The envelope I also made from scrapbooking paper. Just lay your card on the diagonal in the middle of the paper and fold in all 4 sides.  Trim out corners where it shows a double layer of paper and glue the flaps together. One of these days I'll actually take pictures while I'm crafting instead of only showing the final product.  I guess most of the time I'm not sure how many mistakes I'll make and so forget about the camera.  LOL.  

The next picture to show are of some angel necklaces I made for some dear friends.  Not sure what was up with my camera tonight but had a bit of foggy glare on these pictures.  Hoping that doesn't mean my camera is about to bite the dust.
Hopefully you can see them well enough to tell they're Tim Holtz word sticks, jump ring, acrylic bead, angel made from beads threaded onto an eye pin, capped with another jump ring threaded onto copper chain with lobster clasp.  The wing elements I bought recently but all other beads are upcycled from other pieces of vintage jewelry.  Fun to make and I'm hoping my friends will enjoy wearing them as I chose words I felt to have meaning in their lives.  I hope you're finding fun crafts and art to do to give meaning to yours :)  Enjoy!

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  1. Both looking awesome. This angel necklace is ming blowing as well as cover and card really nice one. I made this card for my best friend.