Friday, February 10, 2012

Keep Calm and Stitch On

Crafting has been a bit slow the past few days as I've battled a nasty head cold.  Feeling a bit better today so I worked on a scarf I'm knitting.  I hadn't knitted much of anything in recent years till being invited to a neighbor's knitting club meeting a week ago.  There were ten of us ladies altogether and I must say I had a blast.  My neighbor, Pamela, has a lovely Victorian home and served us Scottish scones and tea during the three hours we ladies sat knitting and visiting.  I admired everyone's projects and wished my skills could compete.  One lady wore a beautiful pink sweater she'd made from fuzzy pink yarn.  Pamela showed me beaded wrist warmers and ladies socks done in a lace like pattern that had me drooling.  She also repaired a long shawl she'd made her sister some fifteen years earlier.  Fingers flew deftly on the various projects while I slowly cast on stitches to make a scarf on large needles only to rip it all up once I got home realizing I had more of an afghan going than a scarf.  But once home I decided to march on and found some nice size 6 needles and cast fewer stitches and am brushing up my knitting and purling skills in hopes of one day turning out a wearable piece of clothing.   I won't say what day (or year) that might happen but I'll let you know.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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