Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day Mom

It began snowing last evening and my snow loving shorkie, Dickens, wanted to go out and play.  His favorite game is to bury his face in the snow and use his nose for a snow plow.  His little button eyes and nose make me smile every time he does this.  He looks up at me with a face full of snow as if to say, "look momma, what I can do".
Hard to believe it's Valentine's day already.  It seems as if Christmas was just a couple days ago.  This holiday will forever be marked as one with mixed emotions for me as my mom passed away a year ago on this day.  It was fitting that she should pass on Valentine's day as she had the biggest sweet tooth in the last few months of her life.  Hershey's chocolate kisses were her favorite and she couldn't seem to get enough.  I made sure she had a steady supply.  I think God probably sent Cupid to fetch her home to Heaven.  It would have been appropriate.   I am sad she is gone and I miss her terribly. I am also happy that she is in Heaven and most likely enjoying a chocolate milk bath at this very moment while popping chocolate kisses.
Happy Valentine's Day mom.  I love you! 

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  1. this was just the smile i needed to start my day!!!! sending puppy hugs to all!