Saturday, February 4, 2012

Freestyle blouse pillow

Today in my craft room I decided I really wanted to try making a pillow using a design I'd made on my computer using my PSP program.  I was going to use osnaburg fabric in my pillow to print onto but ended up choosing this old embroidered blouse for the main fabric of my freestyle pillow.  It is a striped cotton fabric and I'd always loved the embroidery but the blouse was old and out of fashion.  Even so I'd hung onto it knowing one day I'd figure out something to do with it and today was that day. I'm calling this a "freestyle" pillow because there is no pattern.  I wasn't concerned with everything being totally symetric or perfect but rather sort of shabby chic and easy.
 Here is the other side of my pillow and  I will offer a tutorial of sorts on how I made it.  I will tell you that if you're looking for a perfect pillow and are particular that everything be "just so" then you won't want to follow my suggestions because that's not what freestyle sewing is all about.  This is meant to be a no stress project.
I'll try to do this in steps to make it less intimidating.

1.  Choose your image and print it off on your choice of fabric adhered to card stock using spray adhesive. To make the fabric pass through your printer without jamming trim it to size before feeding it into the printer.
Set aside to dry.
2.  Choose your lace trim or make your own ruffle if you want one.  Keep in mind it must go around the corners of your print so you'll need to allow extra length.
3.  Choose your main fabric for your pillow. I used an old blouse that had embroidery I liked.  You use whatever fabric you wish.
4.  Remove the sleeves from your blouse, cut from the hem to the sleeve opening on both sides of your garment, button all buttons and sew a seam near the buttons so they won't open. Your blouse will be connected at the shoulder seams only now.
5.  Sew your ruffle and image to the front of the garment or fabric.
6.  Turn garment wrong side out and sew 3 and a half sides closed, leaving an opening so you can stuff your pillow with fiber fill.
Turn your fabric right side out and stuff.  Sew the opening closed.
I'm sharing the png image I created for your personal use if you'd like to use it, feel free.  The image is transparent so it can be printed onto any color fabric.  Please do not sell this image or claim it as your own. Thanks and enjoy!

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