Monday, January 30, 2012

Valentine's Project

Finally I completed a project whose inspiration came from pin keeps and pillows I've seen on Pinterest.  This Valentine pin keep is made from red and white felt.  I folded over my felt and free hand cut my valentine shapes from both colors. Next came the embroidery stitches adding the white heart to the red with blanket stitched edges.  Then I added straight stiched words and used the lazy daisy stitch to add the flower.  Fill in embroidery stitching made the leaves and then I added other embellishments.  A large skeleton key that reads heart was attached.  Next came some tiny heart beads, faux pearls, buttons and larger plastic beads.
As you can see I made the front and back differently to add interest.  Lastly I added ribbon for hanging.  I stuffed after putting all of the details on and sewed up using the feather stitch on my machine, leaving a couple areas open to put the stuffing in.  I hand stitched those areas closed using a half feather stitch.  I'm far from a great embroiderer but that is okay with me.  I wanted a bit of a primitive look and think I achieved that.

A couple lessons I learned while winging it with this pin keep.  Do your hand stitching but leave the heavier embellishments for AFTER you've stuffed and stitched closed.  It will make it less of a tedious task on the sewing machine when you don't have to worry about hitting a button or other embellishment.  The other thing is; make this your own.  I used others I'd seen as inspiration but there is no pattern as such.  Don't make this a difficult project.  It will take you a bit of time to do all the handwork if that is something you want but adorn your pin keep with items that have meaning to you.  Such as the faux pearls I added that were off an old necklace of my mom's. My mom passed away a year ago this coming Valentine's day so this pin keep will always remind me of her. Mom wasn't a crafter and yet embroidery was something she taught me as a little girl.  It had been many years since I'd done any until I decided to do this project. I had so much fun.  Now I want to make lots of pin keeps so I can have a bowl full for decoration only.  It just makes me smile.  What makes you smile today?

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