Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Quick Inexpensive DIY Christmas gifts and tutorials.

Christmas is coming at me fast and I'm down to the wire on my gift making.  Just finishing up on some tile coasters I made for my sons.  This one is for my youngest and his girlfriend. We're expecting them to make it an official engagement maybe next year so rumor has it but I already think of Kay as my daughter in law.  She's a sweetheart.  These coasters are very easy to make and fast.  Here's what you do:
Buy some tiles at a tile or hardware store or a recycling center.  I got mine at Restore which is Habitat for Humanity's recycling store in my area. Dirt cheap and better still they're MADE IN THE GOOD OLD USA.  I'm using cork as my cover for the bottom.  I picked up a nice roll of it for just a bit over $9 at Lowe's.  By the way did you know Lowe's give a discount to military folks?  So if you're hubby or yourself has military service take your service card in with you and they'll credit you at checkout.  I designed the image on my paint program but a pretty paper napkin or scrapbook paper would work just as well.
  Step 1:  Wash off the face of your tile to make sure you have a clean surface to work on.
  Step2:   Brush on an even coat of ModPodge across the face of the tile.
  Step 3:  Lay your image down on the tile and gently smooth from the center outward to help smooth out any bubbles.  This will have bubbles raise up as the Modpodge permeates the paper and you can pat them down gently as you see them pop up.  Let dry.
  Step 4:  Repeat step 3 till you've given the tile a good 3 or 4 coats of Modpodge.
  Step 5:  Cover with a clear spray finish sealer for protection from water. Let dry. Do this for at least 3 coats.
  Step 6:  Cut cork or felt and adhere to the bottom of the coasters using spray adhesive or your choice of construction adhesive or super glue.  This will protect your tables from scratches.
That's it! These are a great inexpensive gift and really quick and fun to make.  They look very nice once dry so don't let my slightly icky picture put u off because as you may be able to tell this was not a dry or finished tile.  With gentle coaxing the places that lift up once wet do go back into place and once dry stay there.

Next quick gift you night want to try:  Bottle cap push pins for a bulletin board or message center.  I purchased some unused bottle caps on ebay quite some time ago knowing I'd find a use for them one day...LOL.  The possibilities are endless after all..magnets, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or push pins.  Here's what you do:
Step 1: Get unused bottle caps so they're not dented from being removed from a bottle.  Great source is ebay.
Step 2: Buy pushpins.  I chose clear.  Just happened to have them on hand and they don't detract from the graphics on the cap.
Step 3:  Super glue the pushpin to the bottle cap.  Be careful and don't poke yourself!  Let dry.
That's it.  All done.  Super fast too!  These will be part of the message board gift I'm still working on.  I'll post pics of that once finished.
So much to do and so little time left to do it in.  Procrastination is so much fun when you work well under pressure LOL.  Happy crafting!

Edit: If you try the push pins I'd recommend roughing up the underside of the bottle cap with sandpaper and also on the top of the push pin so your glue can get a better grip.  I used super glue but still have had a couple caps pop off so thinking this might help.  

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  1. That is a really cute idea. How clever you are!
    I see you got a lot of pretty cards from the MJ GIRLS.I did that one year and still have all the pretty cards, that was was a fun thing to do. Love getting mail.
    Jack and Dave and me- wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS.