Saturday, December 10, 2011

Making Christmas Cards

I thought I'd post a picture of some of the Christmas cards I've made so far this season.  In past years I've designed my cards on the computer using a paint program and printed them off but this year I'm making them from card stock, scrap book paper and various decorative embellishments.  It's my first foray into making cards by hand and I must admit I'm hooked.  I love the beautiful scrap papers available and the ability to have another creative outlet is wonderful. I'm actually surprising myself that no two cards have been identical so far.  I also like going outside the box with my designs.  Some of the papers I've used here have summer time floral or paisley designs.  Not exactly what you'd think of for the holidays and yet with the other elements combined they work.  The poisettias gracing  some of the fronts of the cards actually were 3d die cuts on a box of cards I got at one of my local dollar stores and I simply removed them from the flimsy cards they were on and have reused them on cards I'm making.  I was also able to use the envelopes so this was a savings on the cost of making my cards. I also hit the local thrift stores for lace trim, rickrack and other things I might be able to use for decorative details.  I have five cards left to make and then I can concentrate on a couple of hand crafted gifts I need to get finished.
Happy Crafting everyone!

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