Saturday, November 26, 2011

Gifts, cards and happiness

Recently I signed up for a handmade Christmas card swap and also a Christmas in a bag swap at I've had the most beautiful cards arriving in my mail and today both cards and my Christmas in a bag gift from my swap partner.  Oh my goodness I feel blessed.  My swap partner sent me a Christmas tree in a boot fully decorated.  A cute little hand made mat to sit the tree on.  Dessert plates with golden Christmas trees and the edges rimmed in red. Some wonderful smelling Coconut olive oil soap, a darling note pad, an angel pin, a large Christmas tote bag everything was packed in and a very pretty Christmas ball ornament.  I think I must have been a very good girl to get all of these wonderful things!  I probably wasn't supposed to open my presents but I'm a little kid when it comes to Christmas and unless it's padlocked it's fair game. The floral arrangement taking center stage amid all my goodies is from my DH for Thanksgiving.  I cut them and placed them in a Frankoma Prairie green bean pot and they look so lovely.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with lots of goodies to eat :)  If you went shopping for Black Friday I hope you still have your sanity and made it home safely.


  1. Now see I should have signed up this year and I didn't! I have some beautiful cards that I got a few years ago when I did sign up.Oh WELL MAYBE NEXT YEAR.
    That is a really pretty gift you received too. So much fun getting something good in the mail.
    Nancy Jo