Sunday, October 30, 2011

Wanna cuddle up and nest for the winter.

I think when the feeling of fall cleaning strikes and you want to snuggle your home up for the cold months of winter you get this urge to shop for the warm and beautiful quilts or make them yourself.  Add some pops of color to your home to take away the dreariness of cloudy gloomy winter days.  Put up some art on the walls and knick knacks and collections you adore.  All the many things that say home to you.  I stumbled across a site via a craigslist post this evening that has me falling in love with some of their charming primitive cupboards and hutches, signs and lamps.  All are so charmingly done and would look so great in my little Victorian cottage.  The best part is that I found it on craigslist so think she's from my area.  Crossing my fingers that some of her pretties will come home to live with me one day soon :)  I just had to share a pic of my favorite thing from her site.  You'll see why I'm drooling :)  Have a great weekend everyone!  OOOOppps I almost forgot the best part.  Her web addy so you can go look around yourself.        Enjoy!

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