Monday, October 31, 2011


Happy Halloween everyone!  I hope you all had a safe and fun night. My neighborhood was dressed in it's finest and lots of happy kids, teens and grownups out sharing in the fun of the evening.  It was a chilly one but hey, it's Wisconsin, and we're not going to let a little chill slow down our fun :)
I wanted something slightly different for my pumpkins this year and so here are my choices.  I painted the largest a burgundy to match our railings and used cookie cutters to help me make the star designs in 2 different sizes.  The other two unusual squash just happened to match my house colors.   How cool is that?
I used white adhesive letters to spell out Boo, Trick, Or, and Treat on the three pumpkins.
  Of course I had the usual cobwebs, shrunken heads, scary books, shrunken mummies, apothecary jars and candles.  I tried something new this year by putting glow sticks inside blown up balloons.  I have to say I think this would have shown much better had it been warmer outside.  I think perhaps the cold kept the glow sticks from showing their brightest light.  The white rat cutouts have the names of pet rats I had a few years ago.  Sadly they've all crossed over the rainbow bridge but not forgotten.
I can't figure it out, I didn't scare a soul with my basket of shrunken heads and mummies LOL.
My next door neighbor boy (in the Packer jacket) and his friends get ready for another round of trick or treating :)  So cute!
My neighbor lady across the street from me and trust me, she's not really a witch :)  Their house was  decorated with huge spiders with  huge webs and a flying bat.  Scary!
Glowing ghostly faces peered out from my front porch into the night.  Glow sticks really do last a long time and had it been warmer I think they'd have shown much brighter.  I'll remember this idea.  I think every year I have as much fun as the kids do figuring out my decorations for the night.  Being a kid at heart is a very good thing :)  Happy Halloween!

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