Friday, October 14, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday Dickens!

This is our sweet little Shorkie named Dickens.  He was one yr. old on the 10th of this month.  He's looking a little shaggy here as he's growing out his coat after his summer cut.  He'll be getting a trim this coming week so he'll look handsome again but he's such a cutie even shaggy LOL.  I got him last year when my mom was in a nursing home with cancer.  He was a wee little thing and a cuddle bug.  Mom said he was the best therapy she had had during her illness.  He and I stayed our first month together in mom's hospice room.  That was the start of his being spoiled rotten.  He's changed so much in the year we've had him.  He's "daddy's boy" and knows how to work daddy into giving him treats.  Notice the coat color change over a! Neither my DH nor myself can imagine our lives without this little bundle of happiness and love.

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  1. haha SO adorable! and how i wish i knew how to can jam and pickles etc! you have another art form, for sure! how wonderful for you!!!