Friday, October 1, 2010

Goodbye September, Hello October

I've always loved Autumn. There is something about the crisp freshness of the breeze, the smell of firewood or burning leaves that sends me on a mini vacation of happiness. I get the urge to nest, wanting to make my home cozier. Bake goodies from scratch so the warm goodness fills my home and get back to crafting. This October I am especially happy to see as September was NOT a good month for my parents. My mom suffers from ovarian cancer and has been fighting the good fight for over 2 yrs now. In August she was told the IV chemo was no longer working and it was discontinued. Her physician put her on oral chemo and has told her due to her heart condition she has only this pill and one other pill left as options for the treatment of her cancer. I went home to give moral support and was especially thankful I was there for an extended visit as my father suffered a major heart attack on the 19th of Sept. He told me he was having a very heavy pressure on his chest. One look at him told me the situation was dire and I phoned for an ambulance. Thank God they got there in time as he arrested before they could get him transported to the hospital but they performed CPR and used the defibrillator on him and were able to get him back. Prayers were answered that day!! A couple days later I managed to fall on the steps on their deck and required an ER visit myself and now sport 11 stitches in my left upper arm due to come out tomorrow. Needless to say, I am quite happy to see September behind us and hope that October will be a much better month all around. Dad now has 2 stents in his heart and is feeling much improved. Mom battles on with her life challenge and I'll have a scar to remind me my middle name is not Grace. On the plus side both of their birthdays are in September and both of them lived to see 75 (Mom) and 76 (Dad). YAY!!!! Give your loved ones a hug and kiss and tell them how special they are to you :) Happy Autumn everyone!

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