Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010 Bring it on!

2010 is upon us. I missed posting on New Years and the days just seem to slip away. I've not been good lately about posting as I seem to be totally caught up in the world of facebook and chatting with friends. Who would have thought I'd have found it fun to plant virtual crops or raise virtual farm animals as I do in Farmville? Blasting away mobster types in Mafia Wars I forget that I am a nice person. I click the mouse as fast as my fingers will let me till I "ice" the bad guy. Such silliness but I do find it entertaining.
It amazes me how fast the first decade of the new millenium has passed. So much has happened. Days we will never forget in our life times because of the tragedy of an event (911) and how it permeated our lives in ever changing ways we still continue to deal with on a daily basis. Destruction the likes of which we hope to never see again as mother nature unleashed her fury on our southern coasts(Katrina). Fear that others wish to harm us now everytime we get ready to board a plane for what we hope will be a pleasant journey. The decade past cost us our innocence. We can no longer look at our fellow man who wears garb of a different design and not worry just a bit. Fear has crept into our culture in such a way as never before and yet we continue to rise above it and carry on as though nothing has happened. We choose a new president. A man of color. The first such in the history of our country. We seem to be crying out lead us in a new direction. The past is too painful and we don't wish to return. Financial crisis and we struggle against that and slowly pull ourselves up by our boot straps. It's going to be rough for a long time but we'll make it. We are such a strong nation and people. No matter what has befallen us we go forward into 2010 and a new decade full of hope. Cheers! Let the party begin!

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