Friday, December 4, 2009

My darling grandson Jaxzen & my handsome sons

This darling little sweetheart is my 6 month old grandson, Jaxzen. I took this Thanksgiving day at his house. He's not crawling yet or at least wasn't that day but he's getting the basics down pat. Soon he'll be terrorizing the dog...LOL Can you see the red hair? His daddy is a blond but his beard is the exact same color as Jaxzen's hair.
Daddy Eric, had told his 4 legged baby, Duke, not to get on the baby's blanket. Duke was trying so hard to mind but well what's a couple inches if he can be closer to Jaxzen? LOL Duke looks so innocent doesn't he? He is one of the smartest, sweetest and most loving dogs I've ever seen.
Look at this face! Read loyal and loving and you've got Duke. Oh yeah and he's a pitbull. Funny how wonderful a pet they can be when raised with love and not brutality.

Daddy and Jaxzen sleeping after Thanksgiving dinner. They're both so cute!

Uncle Chris holding Jaxzen for awhile before everyone crashed after a yummy Thanksgiving dinner.

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  1. Jaxzen is a real cutie!! Grandson's are the best!