Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas is coming!

Christmas is coming! I seemed to have let the month of November slip on by with barely a notice. Now Christmas is upon us and I can't let it go by without taking time to honor the holiday. I got lured into gaming on facebook so now I'm cramming to get my holiday gifts made in time. A chenille teddy bear lies in pieces before me and I'm unsure if my poor sewing machine is up to the task at hand. Which means this teddy bear may need to be sewn by hand. Crossing my fingers my machine will work. I rack my brain for gift ideas for the men in my life. Women are easily pleased when it comes to gifts but what to give a man always gives me pause. I struggle, pondering what can I craft from my two hands that would make a man happy? I'm not proficient enough with either crochet hook or knitting needles to make a sweater. My humble efforts with those tools are still in slipper mode. Ladies love knitted or crocheted slippers but a man? Hmmmm.......more thought is needed. Perhaps a quilt for my their beds? No....did that a few years back. Not enough time at this late stage to make them. Especially with a sewing machine that is having stitching problems. More thought is needed....................................to be continued..........LOL

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