Sunday, November 1, 2009

Goodbye Halloween. See You Next Year!

And so the little ghosts, goblins and fairies have come and gone for another year. Cold windy weather did not stop them in my area as they gobbled up the better part of seven bags of candy. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I think because, like Christmas, there is much preparation and anticipation of it's arrival. My front porch boasted a scare crow with a shrunken head which attracted a few shrieks of, "COOL!" out of the boys. Little girls stopped to peek at the silhouettes of rats roaming the baseboard of the porch. Black construction paper bats flew overhead and candles burned inside amber glass jars. No matter that it was cold, I wanted to be perched on the porch railing waiting for all my little goblin friends to come and yell, "TRICK OR TREAT!" Bundled in my winter coat and sipping pumpkin pie flavored coffee whilst strains of Monster Mash poured out from my windows I could forget that my fingers were becoming icicles. Instead, I could revel in giggles amidst the crushing of leaves on the sidewalk and glory in every cold swirl across my face that made my paper bats fly. Once again I got to say hello to the dad accompanying his sons dressed as a hot dog and the mom I hadn't seen since last summer who admires our home's paint scheme. The kids had all grown a bit over the summer and some faces were new ones out for the first time. Other faces missing have decided that its time to let go of childish things. I hope they don't let go completely though. How much fun it is to plan for this night of ghoulish glee. I'm already planning next years event. So goodbye Halloween. See you next year!


  1. My wife worked very hard to decorate the front of our house with her crafts she made for Halloween! When I arrive home from work, she is at her crafts corner, beaming and explaining all she has accomplished so far. Her smile is a welcome picture. She is like a kid in the candy shop! Normally, I am home to share in this occasion with her, but this year I had to work.... Waaaaaa! I did pause and picture my wife during the kids rush hour, pictures of a beautiful lady enjoying the occasion, just as much as the children entered my mind! If you could see the glow and smiles, laughter, as she recounts the might, you will know why I love her very much!!!!

    YOUR DARLING DEN..oxoxox

  2. Awwwww I love you too honey. Thank you very much!