Sunday, September 20, 2009

A New Addiction!

Well, I've gone and done it. I've let myself become addicted to a game in Facebook. Well a couple games actually. My real life sister begged and begged me to get an account in Facebook and come play Mafia Wars with her. I knew some farm girls at Mary Jane's forum play in Farmville so I thought, "okay, I can go take a look". Well I did more than look..LOL. I'm now officially a Mafia Wars and Farmville addict. Here I am with so many Christmas gifts I should be crafting and instead I'm killing people off in Mafia Wars and raising crops in Farmville. So Susan if you read this and don't get anything for Christmas its your own darned fault! LOL


  1. OH geez I am. too. Who'd have ever thunk it? Me addicted to a Mafia Game. OK add me & I'll add you. Mafia Sistas Unite! Deal?

    BTW... I like your blog~~

  2. hahahaha ty Lille. Man, I would never ever have thought I'd like a game like that but boy I am hooked.