Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hurry up Autumn!

As summer wanes I find myself getting anxious for Autumn's arrival. Autumn is my favorite season. I love all the wonderful hues of crimson, orange, gold and rust. The sky becomes the most beautiful cerulean blue against the colors of the deciduous trees that it takes your breath away. The nip in the air makes you shiver and pull a sweater closer about you. It prepares us for the long winter ahead. Not that I'm anxious for winter's arrival but Autumn just triggers in me that ancient feeling of nesting. I've been canning and starting to make my Christmas gifts. The cooler temperatures just make this more fun for me to do. Plus you get to make favorite dishes that you just don't make in the summer like chili and stews. I replace my iced tea with cappuccino, coffee or hot chocolate. I put out my oil burners filled with spicy scents reminiscent of apple pie and cinnamon buns. This season above all reminds me of the importance of family and home.
So hurry up Autumn, I'm waiting!

1 comment:

  1. You stated it so beautifully, captured the heart and soul of it all..and mine right along with it. I'm standing right next to you as we wait!