Saturday, August 22, 2009

Grandson's first "Daddy given" bath

Here's my darling baby grandson, Jackson, age 2 months, getting his first bath given by his daddy. He lives 99% of the time with mommy but gets to come stay with daddy on daddy's days off work. When I asked my son if he'd given Jackson a bath yet he said, "I don't have a tub for him." "No problem," says I, "you've got a sink." And so, with grandma supervising, Jackson took his bath for daddy. He was an angel during the process, even with those little red hairs you see...LOL. Some day I will tell him, "you know grandma posted your cute little naked self on my internet blog after you were born." That should make for some interesting grumbling when he's about 16....LOL. I used to make his daddy real happy when I threatened to show his girlfriends his naked baby pictures...hahahaha.


  1. Hi Tap,
    How cute is that! I always gave my kids and grand kids a bath in the sink. I just put a towel in the bottom of the sink then filled it with water. Never did buy any of those baby tubs, they seemed like a lot of extra work. I remember when I was little sitting in the kitchen sink for my bath.
    Nancy Jo

  2. Thank you for leaving a comment. I love taking pictures. Did you see the little Amish boy on the post before the one I have up now? He was adorable!!!
    Thank you for your encouragement. It is truly appreciated!
    Blessings, Linda