Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Felt slippers 101

Okay, so I thought I'd be a good wife and make some new insoles for DH's deer skin slippers as the lamb's wool lining was a bit worse for wear. Then I realized they were nowhere to be found. Turns out he threw them away because as he put it, "they were falling apart". So, what is a girl to do?
Do what I did, only I'll give you a few tips. Make them out of some heavy duty felt or felt old wool sweaters to use that fabric. Then don't use your own feet for a pattern. Trust me on this one....LOL. DH and I wear the same size shoes so I thought hey, I'll just use my foot. Well blondie forgot to adjust for seam allowance and didn't think about the fact that the top piece of felt might be too large and need adjusting. Have you ever tried to put a band of elastic on a pair of already constructed slippers on your sewing machine? Not fun! Had I thought this through a bit more I'd have placed the elastic inside a nice casing on the upper part of the slipper before attaching the top to the sole. Also it's too bad I didn't find this free pattern for slippers from Martha Stewart that tells you how much larger to resize their pattern for different sizes. Go get the pattern FIRST.....LOL. I will say though that now that I have some experience making slippers I think there will be several pair made for Christmas :) It never hurts to practice....LOL

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