Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Glorious Sweet Peas

My beautiful sweet peas are sort of a gift from an elderly woman who lived in our house for more than 50 years before passing on several years ago. When we first bought our little Victorian cottage there was wild grapevine growing along an old chicken wire fence on the property line. We tore down the fence and removed all the grape vine. The following Spring we received 2 gifts. The sweet pea vine on one end of where the fence used to be and on the other a peony bush came up and bloomed just one bloom. To begin with they were both quite small but this is our 3rd summer so they've finally grown enough to require a larger trellis. I just love them!


  1. Well now I like those sweet peas. How nice that they came with the house. And I'm pretty sure I need that shovel you have there all painted up real pretty.
    Nancy Jo