Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Eric!

Today is my son, Eric's, 29th birthday. At 6'5" tall he's a wee bit bigger than he was 29 years ago today. I made the memory board for him with digitally manipulated images of him playing his guitar, him playing with his pitbull, Duke, and in the center is the ultrasound image of his unborn son who is due June 27th. I used an old printers drawer and removed the crumbling paper from the compartments. I then painted it a weathered green to match what little paint was on the trim. I used spray adhesive to mount the images and "framed" each one with old leather and fabric belts. There's a buckle on the top of each photo. I then added 6 cup hooks for keys, etc. at the top and strung wire for hanging at the back. I took him out for lunch and we bummed around awhile and had a nice time. He's my big teddy bear :)

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