Tuesday, January 20, 2009

President and Mrs. Obama's first dance

Oh, what a great day in American history! Today America inaugurated our 44th president of the United States of America. It also marked the dawning of a new era when America feels brand new and washed clean of segregation, both racial and socioeconomic. When a man who calls himself a "black" man can hold the highest office in the land and obtain that office not based on his color but on his ideals, principles and conviction of purpose.
I found this picture of President and Mrs. Obama poignant in their tenderness to one another as they took their first dance tonight. "What a day," their eyes seemed to say to each other and how proud they both were not just of themselves but of their country. I found it remarkable that although nearly 1.9 million people gathered on the mall lawn to the Lincoln memorial,and even side streets beyond,not one arrest was made amongst that throng of humanity. Everyone was simply too happy to sew seeds of unrest on a day such as this.
May God bless and keep our new President and his precious family as he begins to lead us in rebuilding our nation.

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