Tuesday, December 9, 2008

First big snowstorm of the season

I'm sitting here working on a craft project for making paper mache star ornaments for Christmas and its snowing like crazy outside. It's our first BIG winter storm of the season. We've already had small snows so we have a nice layering on the ground already but this one is promising my area 10 to 14 inches of snow. It will definitely be a white Christmas in Northeastern Wisconsin. I'm really trying to pare down Christmas purchases this year and have this be a home made Christmas. My children are grown so no more need to hit the stores looking for that perfect toy. That may start again next Christmas because by then I will be a first time grandma and something snuggly will have to be under the tree for my little grand baby. But then again, maybe Grandma will just have to sew up a nice cuddly blankie or teddy bear. I've found much joy in crafting, canning and baking things this year to give as gifts. It feels so much more like I'm giving love to my family than just something I went out and bought. I hope they'll feel the same. As we all tighten our belts in this unsettled economy it seems like this is one small thing we can do that will give us big returns.

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