Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Democratic Revolution

I've not been to bed yet as I'm still on an Obama high. What a night in history! I am so proud of my country tonight. I was proud as I cast my vote yesterday afternoon and prouder still as I watched TV during the evening as state after stated turned blue for Obama. I shed a tear as many did last night listening to Pres. Elect Obama speak to our nation and ask for help from all of us to become united and return this wonderful country to greatness. Not once did I note him looking at a teleprompter and felt his words came straight from his heart. He knows the struggle this country will have to regain her balance. I think he also knows how strong we are as a people and I feel sure he will do his absolute best to lead us forward in a positive direction. My hubby is Canadian and frequently asked me during the evening, "have you ever seen anything like this before?" I had to respond, "not in my life time," again and again. America, I think we just watched a very quiet revolution happen Nov. 4th, 2008. We changed our world last night and God Bless us all as we march forward together!

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