Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Prayers for my mom

This is my cute little mother who since beginning chemo now calls herself, Yoda, as her hair has fallen out and her ears are noticeably large. She's back in the hospital since this past Friday as her blood counts have taken a nose dive. She's very weak and required an ambulance trip this last admission after falling at home. Our family would like her to stay short term at a nursing home after chemo as dad is not fully able to meet all of her needs. Having spent just over 2 wks in one already (with me there everyday to see her) she vows it was the "worst experience of my life and I will die before I go into a nursing home again!" I'm sure I'm not the first daughter who has struggled with my aging and ill parent and what to do from 400miles away. I spent 2 months this past summer at their home helping out during initial chemo, numerous dr. appts. and lab tests. I think what is making this so difficult for me is that I am a licensed practical nurse who spent 32 yrs working in the geriatric field. Even with that knowledge and expertise I can't get my mother to stomach spending even 2 more wks in a nursing home setting. She refuses in home care from a visiting nurse because she is a packrat supreme and ashamed of her house. I guess I don't want this posting to be viewed as whining or complaining as much as I want to help others who may feel lost. When it comes to helping your parents you need to know that no matter how old you are, or how much knowledge or skill you have, you're still a kid. Decisions are HARD and you wish you could ask mom or dad for advise.

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