Wednesday, October 8, 2008

12 Stations of the Cross

On this gorgeous Monday afternoon we enjoyed the warmth of the day, the gentle breezes off the river and marveled at God and man's creations as we came to the part of the trail that is known for it's stone shrines. I've been told that the twelve shrines along this trail represent the twelve stations of the cross. I have no idea when these were made but all appear to be made by hands long silenced. They vary in size from more elaborate, as in this picture, to smaller. All overlook the river with some on the river banks and others on the opposite side of the trail. When you approach these shrines you feel a sense of peace. A moment of prayer is appropriate no matter your faith. I'm not Catholic but I understand the twelve stations to be as follows: 1) Jesus is condemned to death. 2)Jesus carries his cross. 3)Jesus falls for the first time. 4)Jesus meets his afflicted mother. 5)Simon helps Jesus carry his cross. 6)Veronica wipes the face of Jesus. 7)Jesus falls the second time. 8)Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem. 9)Jesus falls a third time. 10)Jesus is stripped of his clothes. 11)Jesus is nailed to the cross. 12)Jesus dies on the cross.
Whoever took the time to construct these stations must have loved Jesus very much.

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  1. Wow, autumn has certainly arrived in your neck of the woods! Just beautiful! I loved joining you on your hike...
    Rebekah, The City Farmgirl